Friday, December 14, 2007

What God is saying today

*******a Word received from The Lord June 07,'07@7:00A.M. (777)
Thus saith the Lord,This Homosexual movement is bigger then Sodom, much bigger, it is everywhere , in your faces, a lot of confusion & deception.
Very soon , they will enter the church buildings demanding rights to be married. I Tell You, The TRUE, Genuine servant of Mine will not cave into this demonic force and will close their doors-My people, My Church will be underground-hidden. (Latter days, as violence escalates)BUT , you are My Church & The Light with My Word hidden in you, and you will go out into the world, shining the light of My Word ,leading them to Me & My Salvation says the Lord, your meetings may be hidden, BUT not my church, you will not be hidden under a bushel says the Lord; BUT a Bright & shining Light onto the world of lost sinners, seeking & searching, running in fear.Preparing Ye the Way of the Lord....reaching the Lost.........
MY Word is NOW considered a Hate Crime against this wicked , un natural, lacivous behavior.........I Say Stand Strong, You shall be the Salt of the earth & the Light in the World.My Hand is against them, they will not in no way prosper in their wicked behavior.
You will go forth ,and My Light & My Word will flow from you & out of your mouths.
Many of My People will be jailed for Very Long Periods of time, too much time, un natural , un called for long periods of time & punishment, for My Word, (says the Lord)Not One hair on your head will be harmed.
The cell groups you have been practicing in the homes, will be how worship will be held, in private......nomore Main stream, but behind the scenes. Hidden......I will shield you & protect you. Hold Fast keeping your eyes upon Me says the Lord...... as violence increases & wickedness is everywhere, again, I tell you, meetings in private everywhere, BUT you will be seen by all (as a bright shining Light in the dark world, as gross darkness covers the world everywhere.Lo, I am In You & you are in Me & I will Never leave you or forsake you.
The World is heavy with abominations & it will be plucked up and it will fall and not rise again, the earth is so heavy with transgressions,WICKEDNESS, My Children , even NOW You are surrounded, NOW you'll see this evil everywhere you go , everywhere you will turn , in your faces.
BUT I Tell You I am the Lord Your God, creator of the heavns & the earth, I will move My Hand against this wicked and godless generation........I will cause floods,fire,hail, I will cause the earth to open up & swallow literally thousands who defile My Holy Name and they reject My word and My Son-who put darkness for light ,ENOUGH is ENOUGH, I will Not allow it
(New Orleans vision played into my spirit ; it was as the sea, On each wave is wood, from the destruction of homes & bldgs."6/07" (this is when I received the vision,not when it were to happen) NewOrleans will be under the sea "They have mocked Me says the Lord Mocked My Holy Name,Rejected Me & My Statutes,judgments,laws, I will put My hand against this people............they were brought out and they immediately turned to their wicked ways.I will put My hand against them in Texas & louisiana, the entire gulf coast ,yes where they fled to carry on their wickedness, they will KNOW that I am God and I will nomore put up with this wicked , lawless and godless generation.
****Do Not Fear, for you are mine & not one hair on your head will be harmed, and only with your eyes will you see the destruction of this evil in this world........
The Time is Now, I will Not be mocked anymore, after this( many will SEE and KNOW that I am God), and they will be convinced & turn, repenting from their wicked ways unto Me and be saved , says the Lord, there will be restoration & revival, a time of refreshing & renewal says the Lord.
There is More Power & energy in the earth then you can ever begin to imagine will be discovered , there will be so many different forms of energy ,you'll not know what to do with it all- in the sea in the earth says the Lord, I have given you more then you can ever use.says the Lord
*******My hand is against you for leading My little ones astray ,*** confusing them of their gender, I will destroy all who have led them astray, even the parents who allow this and accept this, leading them on, allowing this demoinic and destructive behavior to be taught to My Little ones, it will be better for them , that they were never born, for I AM GOD & I have spoken, children not even old enough to know about procreation(sexual behavior)or to even know the behavior, they are saying they are this wicked abomination, they are taught to say this by the devil himself, USA you have bowed again to another god , My hand is against you,says the Lord.......(psalm 127:3,4,5)beware
The same abomination parades itself in the land I gave to your forefathers, she too will be destroyed, I will allow this, for you do know, that she is surrounded and her destruction is nigh says the Lord.......
lawlessness abounds the world over, NOW will this prophetic word spoken over time,come to pass, such evil wicked behavior, hidious things that will cause many to faint, hidious things un imaginable to the human mind will happen before your very eyes .
The Lord very loudly said *sp maschetti, chopping off members from the human body ....wicked....they have rejected Me and My Word, these things shall come to pass now says the Lord (they appear as gangs way worse then the gangs we alrerady know of)Keep your eyes upon Me , I will direct you by My Spirit-The energy in the atmosphere is EVIL, Hold fast till I come for you, says the Lord...........edify one another, move as My Body, lifting up one another and STOP the jealousy over My Servants , rather rejoice, lifting up one another, let the World see Me in you ,says the Lord.
*******I am changing the order of things in My Church Bldgs says the Lord, for time is Short now and I call for boldness & bluntness in MY WORD says the Lord, and you will Stop looking like & acting like the World, no hate, no dislike, no argument, no jealousy in My Body allowed in My Kingdom, it fits in the world but not in MY Kingdom says the Lord. (Ye are all One in Me)The Body, My Church...............
Joan , word received June 7th of 2007@7:00A.M.

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